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The Vision

Pavetek Road Services is one of the most respected and sought after road surfacing companies. We specialize in all aspects of asphalt works, excavation and minor civil works. No job is too large or too small as we take pride in all our projects. We pride ourselves in providing safety, quality and customer satisfaction…

Your Solution

Pavetek Road Services provides outstanding pavement solutions and services to a large number of clientele comprising of both government and private customers. We can assist you with pavement designs, treatments and any other pavement problems that you may have. We have a wide variety of machinery to get the job done from start to finish…

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We provide a wide range of services

Our Services

Asphalt Services

Pavetek Road Services provides a vast range of services that will support you with your project.

We not only deal with asphalt sales, placement and a variety of products, but also with the preperation to make sure that the asphalt is placed on a well prepared base.

We can provide you with the removal of any sub-base through profiling or excavation. We can prepare pavements with quarry products, as well as leveling and compacting…

Low Loader Transport

Pavetek Road Services has a Low Loader Transport Service.  Our Low Loader is designed to carry Asphalt Equipment, Profilers and Earth Moving Machinery…


Pavetek Road Services can also provide site grading and rolling services for Car Parks, Container Yards, Car/Truck Storage Yards and Equipment Storage Yards…


With our Wirtgen W35, W1000F & W2000 Profilers we can profile asphalt, sub-bases and concrete kerbs.  We are able to profile up to 300mm deep…

Site or Street Cleaning

Site or Street Cleaning

Pavetek Road Services can assist you with site cleaning.  We can also aid with Street Cleanups, Worksite Cleanups, Buisness Estates etc….

Asphalt Driveways in Melbourne

Pavetek Road Services, with over 35 years of experience has been offering pavement design, preparation, placement, solutions, treatments and construction services in Melbourne area. We specialise in all aspects of asphalt and excavation works. We offer full services to our clients from the preparation of the pavement construction works to the final completion of the project. We also provide road profiling services.

Based in Victoria we are a family run business with Peter Azzopardi as its managing director who has a wide range experience of working in the industry. We are amongst the best asphalt companies in the industry and we provide good value for money. We take pride in our work giving the best possible solutions to our customers. We employ only competent personnel within the industry throughout the preparation and process of construction.
Driveways may be made from different kinds of material and out of these asphalt driveways are the best kind of driveways. Asphalt driveways are highly durable and require less maintenance compared to other types of driveways. Driving on asphalt driveways is extremely smooth and pleasant that’s one of the best benefits of Asphalt driveways, they can also be used for both residential and commercial buildings and also for suburban and rural properties.

We at Pavetek Road Services provide a vast range of services which deals with not only asphalt sales, placement and a variety of products but also with preparation to make sure that the asphalt is placed on a well-prepared base. We can remove any sub base through profiling or excavation, we can prepare pavements with quarry products as well as levelling or compacting and we can provide you with the know-how for successful completion of a project so that you can have the best possible results.
Low loader transport is available with us for carrying asphalt equipment, profilers and earth moving machinery. We also provide site grading and rolling services in addition to site or street cleaning.

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We work in coordination with the clients in order to offer the best possible services available with us. We have built a reputation for providing good quality and reliable services to our customers. If you are in search of asphalt companies, road profiling or asphalt driveway construction work then you may contact us at our Victoria office in Melbourne for further enquiries and information regarding our services.

We takes pride in all work and safety ethics

Pavetek Road Services provides the solutions to problem areas, thus allocating the best advice in order to deliver the best results.