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Asphalt Repairs Melbourne

Asphalt Repairs MelbourneAsphalt is a safe, durable and smooth material. It can handle loads from passengers to heavy load trucks and needs to be maintained in good condition. Asphalt pavements also have to endure the difficult weather conditions like heat, cold and rain. The cost of asphalt repair Melbourne may depend on a variety of factors and instalments. These may include the cost of removing the damaged material, the base or sub-base to be placed and the thickness required, drainage system required and the cost of the new material to be placed.  Asphalt repair Melbourne may also depend on the amount of preparation required, choice of edging and colour of the asphalt driveways used.

At Pavetek Road Services asphalt repair prices are relatively low and we provide assistance to our customers in the Melbourne area with asphalt repairs to ensure that the property is in good condition at all times so that there is no hindrance to your daily life activities. A special type of asphalt pavement can be constructed to endure tough climatic conditions and general wear and tear through everyday use. If you would like to have your asphalt work repaired, then feel free to contact us at our Melbourne office.

Asphalt Car Parks

Asphalt is used in the surfacing of car parks as well. We aim to achieve perfect coordination between form and function and make our work aesthetically pleasing. We also aim to provide safety and security to our customers who use our asphalt car parks by providing good quality asphalt construction works. We try to increase the parking area available for vehicle parking, using parallel parking, efficient placement of stalls and traffic lanes. A few days after the asphalt paving has been completely laid, paint (Such as Long Life Paint) or marking tapes may be used for creating markings on the asphalt to direct the flow of traffic. Damaged areas of the asphalt car park may need to be repaired so that a neat and tidy car park is constructed. We provide good value for money. Contact us today for more information on asphalt car parks.