Asphalt Driveways not only look stylish in rural homes, but also suburban homes with its seamless appearance.


An Asphalt driveway that has been properly installed will perform much like a concrete driveway but at a much lower cost (depending on the size). Because Asphalt is a flexible pavement it is able to be repaired much easier than concrete.

When looking into getting an Asphalt driveway constructed be sure that your Asphalt driveway is installed by an asphalt company that specializes in the industry and have many years of experience. 


Be sure to do your homework before hiring a contractor, obtain your quotes and be sure to ask questions. Avoid “fly-by-night” businesses that are ready to take your money in exchange for a second-rate job.

Prior to Asphalting, an assessment is required to see if the base is stable and what treatment is required. Drainage may be required if water cannot drain away from the site.


Asphalt requires a stable base to place approx. 40-50mm of asphalt layer for normal vehicle use. Heavier duty pavement may require a thicker Asphalt layer to allow for heavy vehicles such as trucks. A properly prepared base is necessary for a lasting job!

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Asphalt Paving And Landscape Design


Residential Asphalt and Landscape Design

Think beyond the design of Asphalt Driveways.  Asphalt can also add appeal and character to landscaped areas.  It can be used to create pathways etc...  Extra character can be given by placing a paved edging.  The seamless look of the Asphalt Pavement against the bricked edging adds elements of design and a unique style to the area.


Landscaped gardens can be worked in with the design of driveways and pathways creating a unique look.  The use of Asphalt Pavement, brick edging, water features, groundcovers, low shrubs and ornamental trees that add colour that changes through the seasons, not only adds value to the property but a uniqueness by working with the different structural elements.

The Asphalt Pavement not only provides a smooth and durable surface but also serves as a functional purpose working in well with your design objectives. By using slight curves in the pathways, your eyes could be led to different points in the landscape, creating both depth and direction.